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Customers are the blood of any business, it’s what keeps us going.  I  think mine are the best customers in the world.  Three years in, I now have regulars that know what I sell, a few that still say “I never knew you were here” and folks that just pop in to say hello.  Some want advice for projects, some just need a hug and some browse for ages.

We have had conversations aplenty ranging from tucking your vest into your pants (it really IS sooooo much warmer)! Debates about politics, religion, TV and family.  There is a lot of support from my customers  in my little corner in various guises.  The photo is from one customer who sent a pressie when I couldn’t stop crying when my eldest left for university. “Cheer up, chin up and flaming shut up” was the message.

I love my customers and I am thankful for all of them.

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Workshops price fix!!

Just to let you all know that workshops for January and February 2018 are all fixed at £12 each.  A good time to have a go at all those crafts you have been desperate to learn over the years and never got round to!


Workshops are usually in the mornings, however if this does not suit, please contact me and arrange a better time (or day) and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Workshops are on the premises and will not be cancelled for small numbers, in the case of you being the only one you get more attention and access to more biscuits!  Why not bring along a friend and make a day out by visiting one of our fabulous local cafes and take a stoll around Somerton before going home.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Sue x

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Confessions of a daisy hooker

Welcome to my first blog tutorial!

Instead of writing a Masters research proposal, i have spent the afternoon making and photographing daisy square crochet, which i have to say has been far more fun.  To combine with Granny square Mondays, i am producing my own patterns and leaflets to go in a crochet gift box (another story for another day beginning with ordering the wrong boxes….).

There are many daisy granny squares out on the interwebnet, not to mention the confusing USA v UK versions of stitches.  I am relatively new to crochet and can only do a few stitches, so can’t lay claim to copyright on any of this, however, this is me mashing a few of those patterns together making the most of a treble and half treble stitch!

Make a chain of 4 stitches, join with slip stitch to make a circle

Round 1: Chain 3 (this counts as your first treble stitch), then 11 more trebles into centre (12 stitches total) (Treble: Yarn over hook, down the hole, pull through, yarn over hook, through 2, yarn over hook through 2)  Finish with a slip stitch to join the round.


Round 2:  Change to new colour (white) chain 3 (counts as your first treble), then 2 more trebles into same space to form a cluster of 3.  Next comes the funky daisy part.

TAKE OUT your hook and insert into the top of the first treble (in this case your chain of 3 this very first time), then catch the loop at the top and pull through.  (This closes into a petal shape). Chain 2 and continue your next petal with 3 trebles, take out hook, insert into top stitch and pull through. Continue all the way round and finish with a slip stitch.  There should be 12 petals altogether.

Round 3: Change colour and chain 3 (this counts as your first treble), 2 more trebles into same chain space.  Chain 3 (this is your corner) then 3 more trebles into the same space.

Each time now you are working in sets of 3 with no chains between groups.  If you just continue with TREBLES you will have the photo underneath, can you see it’s going all curvy?


After your corner set of trebles, make a group of 3 HALF trebles in the next chain space (yarn over hook, down the hole, pull through, yarn over hook, pull through all 3 stitches). Then make another group of 3 half trebles into the next chain space.

You are now on the next corner, so 3 trebles into same chain space, chain 3, 3 trebles into same chain space.

Continue with 2 blocks of half trebles, next corner set of trebles, 2 blocks of half trebles until you join all the way round with a slip stitch.

        You can stop here with 1 round of background if you wish.  I have continued to do another round     

Round 4:

Chain 3 (this counts as a last stitch in a group of 3 – see photo on right hand side above).  Working in the next chain space, make a group of 3 trebles, chain 3, 3 trebles into same chain space (this is your first corner) then continue with 3 groups of 3 trebles into each chain space. Corner next: 3 trebles, chain 3, 3 trebles into same chain space, continue round with trebles in groups of 3 until end.  On the last group of trebles, you will only do 2 as you will catch up with the first chain of 3.

   If you only want to do trebles and not worry about taking your hook out, you will end up with the pink daisy square on the left of this pic.  Here i have just made groups of trebles with one chain between them.

So there you are!  Make as many squares as you like for a cushion, blanket, scarf and when i learn how to join them all together i will let you know and write another tutorial!!

Happy Sunday!


P.S. If you find any errors in instruction, do let me know so i can amend. Thanks 🙂


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Granny square Mondays

For each Monday in June, we will be running granny square workshops.  For many people, it’s been something they have always fancied doing and learning.  Once you get the hang of this, they really are quite addictive.  If you look on the interwebnet, there are hundreds and hundreds of these little square patterns available.  Depending upon your experience, you can dip in and out of these Monday workshops to make whichever you fancy. Once learned, you can keep on going round and round in a square to make a larger blanket and stop when you have had enough, or make lots of little squares and join them together to make a patchwork effect.  There are squillions of ideas on Pinterest to get you started.

At the moment, i am hooked on turning flowery circles into squares, but there are many to choose from.  We can go with whatever stage you are at: total beginner, joining different colours each row, making a daisy, sunflower, circles into squares, or a hearty inside.  If you have something you would like to copy or aspire to, then bring a picture along or e mail it to me first and i’ll see if i can match it.

All in all, enjoy the beginning of the week with a nice cuppa and some company making these fab little squares.

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Beginner’s Sewing

Learn how to sew in this series of 4 workshops!                         

Week 1 we will look at the functions of the sewing machine and find out what all those little buttons, knobs and levers do!  There should also be time to make a quick tote bag or drawstring bag to take home.

Week 2 we will make a patchwork square cushion cover

Week 3 Learn how to insert a zip and make little bags

week 4 Make a simple summer top or bucket storage (like the photo above)

The aim is to create confidence in your sewing through a patient and relaxed atmosphere that usually involves lots of coffee and cake.  Booking essential and timings are negotiable dependent upon when you can get here.

I look foward to seeing you soon!


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Among the many workshops here at Mrs McGregor’s is cardmaking.  Not so much in favour these days, as fabric and sewing have really taken off lately, but with the eye popping cost of most birthday cards it is well worth buying the stash to make your own.  You can buy a kit to make one, or an A4 design sheet for £1 that you can squeeze at least 2 cards from, or go mad and buy a whole paper/card stack along with double sided tape and a 50 pack of card blanks.

I run a papercraft class nearly every week, so if you fancy coming along to a workshop they are only a tenner each, or pop in and choose your own bits and bobs to get cracking and save yourself a fortune. (Plasters for papercuts can be provided)!

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Embroidery hoops

We have run a couple of hoop embroidery workshops now and everyone has commented how relaxing they are.  If you Pinterest embroidered hoops there is a massive range of super contemporary ideas to give you inspiration, from well known phrases, song lyrics, names and initials to the more unique designs (let’s just leave it there….)that  live forever on the interweb.

The next hoop workshop will probably be late April or May time now, so if you fancy a go, start researching your ideas now and drop me a line if you are interested.

Hope to see you soon!

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Crochet Ahoy!

Well for the last few months we have been enjoying the company of crochet expert Steph Baker on a Saturday morning.  The whole thing usually ends up as a laughter riot but before that there are the usual calls for Gin as we find a new stitch difficult to master, pin drop silences as we count rows and interpret a pattern and the contented sighs of relishing a cuppa and a biscuit.  Whatever your skill set, it’s never too late to learn a new one and crochet has been one of mine recently.

We can run beginner’s classes during the week or on a Saturday and our next class is the 18th March where we will be making crochet flowers (see photo above) to adorn any and everything.

If you would like to join us then do get in touch or look under Events on the website, to see what you might want to learn next.

Hope to see you soon!

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017!

I hope the year brings good things for all of you despite the ups and downs I am sure will occur for all of us at some point.  Some good news to begin the year, all workshops for January and February are only £10 so it’s a good time to have a go at that craft you have always wanted to try!

Have a pop over to the Events tab and see if there is anything you fancy trying, if not, contact me with some ideas and i will do my best to accommodate.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!            

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Merry Christmas!

I know it’s actually Christmas Eve Eve, but a very Merry Christmas to all my customers near and far, regulars and visitors to the town.  Here’s hoping your Christmas weekend is a happy one for all of you. Thank you for supporting me all year.

very best festive wishes, xx