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Crochet snowflakes


Well our crochet snowflakes class was a hit! We had so much fun I forgot to take photos and I even had to put a sign up in the shop for customers to ring the bell if we couldn’t hear them enter.  There was a real mixture between intense quiet periods of concentration and manic laughter!  A lady who really struggled to feel she had accomplished much at the last session turned up with a bag full of finished granny squares and half a scarf, so she really inspired another who, as a knitter, was having a hard time re-skilling for crochet.

The human spirit is amazing; one minute we can be seriously disheartened (last time’s crochet was going out the window) followed by gales of laughter, tears of joy or rather a lot of naughty words that bring a shared understanding of our frustrations, but whatever it is, the support and encouragement of a group of women can be a force to be reckoned with.

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