Tote bag

Spend the morning making a tote bag.  The one pictured here is a bit fancy and would take a bit longer, but come along and use the shop stash to make a quick and easy bag.

Crochet with Steph

Steph has created some great new projects with instructions for you to join in these fun workshops!

We have choices today over granny squares or to begin a bag – the choice is yours!

Yarns and hooks provided, along with instrudtions for you to take away and continue making at home.

Photos to come!

Zippered bag

Call it a pencil case, make up bag, handy bag,  – Whatever!    It’s still a bag with a zip and all made the same way.

We will show you 2 different ways of tackling these, with and without a lining so you can create super speedy pencil cases for ever and a day!

All materials and equipment included



Mini patchwork bag

In this workshop we will be working with mini patchwork pieces 2 and a half inches square to make a fab little lined patchwork bag with handles.  These are so fab you won’t want to give them away as presents, honest!

All materials and equipment provided from shop stash but you are welcome to bring your own if you have a colour scheme in mind.

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Mad Old Bag

   Something I have been wanting to get around to since I opened the shop was make bags from the rather large stash of vintage and rescued fabrics that have accumulated over the years.  Finally, recently, I have achieved this! Must say I am learning as I make each one and my zips are certainly improving each time!  I took the leap of ordering some fabric labels to give them a bit more kudos in the ‘unique’ line, as there will be no two the same due to the remnant nature of my stash.  Workshops for these will be available in the New Year as Christmas is now taking over the studio.  Look out for the Mad Old Bag range any day now!!