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Face coverings

For those folk making masks or face coverings, I have been following the tutorials and patterns. check out some links below and look on the tutorial page for  some ideas and help.


shaped face cover instructions

shaped face covering pattern

Below is my version of a rectangular face covering.  Any questions then do shout!



Use scraps of fabric to make these clever coasters. Choose everyday or Christmas themed. All materials and equipment are provided, plus refreshments.

Fabric Stars

This is a workshop repeat from November making handsewn fabric stars to hang as decorations and give as gifts.  They look great rustic but we could smarten them up with Christmas fabric.

Pinecone baubles

   I am sure I have heard these called Somerset Patchwork before, plus there are versions made with ribbon instead of fabric as this saves time.  Once you get into a rythm, these are stunning decorations.

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Fabric storage workshop


Fabric storage boxes are fab! As we had a super time making fabric foldy boxes at the workshop this week!  There are three ladies that enjoy each others company and love to make something each month.  One lady has made rather a lot more at home and found some paper napkins to add as gifts so that’s her Christmas pressies sorted! We had fun with a candle sealing the ribbon ends and thankfully didn’t set fire to the shop in the process. We also found that ironing on interfacing was a better choice in making the boxes stiffer and more durable.

Whatever you are up to, enjoy your sewing time.