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Customers are the blood of any business, it’s what keeps us going.  I  think mine are the best customers in the world.  Three years in, I now have regulars that know what I sell, a few that still say “I never knew you were here” and folks that just pop in to say hello.  Some want advice for projects, some just need a hug and some browse for ages.

We have had conversations aplenty ranging from tucking your vest into your pants (it really IS sooooo much warmer)! Debates about politics, religion, TV and family.  There is a lot of support from my customers  in my little corner in various guises.  The photo is from one customer who sent a pressie when I couldn’t stop crying when my eldest left for university. “Cheer up, chin up and flaming shut up” was the message.

I love my customers and I am thankful for all of them.