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Dear Santa,

 Dear Santa!

There is such a fine line being in retail on the issue of Christmas.  Talk to the crafters and they will tell you that by the end of January, they have all their cards made and ready.  Some finish theirs on their holidays in July in the caravan and take cases of paper and die cuts with them.  I was asked for Christmas fabric before Easter last year (I had only just put it away)!    Then the non crafters tut at me for having a quiet stash on the table under the stairs in September that will gradually creep out “Christmas? It’s not even November yet”!  The good news is that over the year I learned to just keep Christmas under the table, accessible enough for crafty makers and hidden from the shoppers.  I can probably guarantee that I won’t be ready for Christmas when it comes and will end up sending shop-bought cards which will be embarrassing for a die hard crafter!  Nevertheless, whenever you enjoy your Christmas making, I will probably still be thinking about buying more sparkly and glittery stash! 

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