Beginner’s sewing

Want to learn how to sew? Get your sewing mojo back? or just increase your sewing confidence?

Book your workshop now!  Small groups, patient and encouraging tutor plus coffee and biscuits, what’s not to love?

All equipment and materials provided, so if you haven’t even got a sewing machine then we have everything covered.

Children’s Pyjama bottoms

Make little shorts or pyjama bottoms from recycled fabrics, shirts or old sheets and duvet covers!

If you have some of your own fabrics or shirts you would like to use then do bring them with you, otherwise you are welcome to use shop stash.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some sewing experience alike.

All materials, equipment and refreshments provided.

Pillowcase dress

Make a pretty dress in this easy workshop for beginners and the more experienced alike.  You could use an old pillowcase, or use shop stash or recycled fabrics to make your own.

all materials and equipment provided, including refreshments.

Beginners sewing

Learn to sew in this workshop for beginners and learn how to read a pattern in this long morning workshop.

You are welcome to bring your own patterns and fabric or use shop stash patterns and recycled fabrics.

Go away with some confidence to make something at home!

Refreshments provided

NOTE: The 3 hour free parking may not be long enough for this workshop. Do consider paying a whole pound to park in the long stay today, then maybe you could pop to one of our fabulous local cafes for lunch and then take a trip round the ACE arts gallery and Somerton’s beautiful shops and streets.

Zippered bag

Call it a pencil case, make up bag, handy bag,  – Whatever!    It’s still a bag with a zip and all made the same way.

We will show you 2 different ways of tackling these, with and without a lining so you can create super speedy pencil cases for ever and a day!

All materials and equipment included




This ever popular pastime of making bunting is still prevalent.  Got a wedding coming up and you have been tasked with bunting making??

This workshop is for you!  Suitable for beginners too, if you have never picked up the sewing machine then come along and learn how to make super easy bunting.

Beginner’s Sewing

Come along and learn how to sew in this workshop for beginners.  Find out what all the buttons and pedals are all about!

You are welcome to bring your own machine or use the shop ones.

Go home with a tote bag from fabric stash or recycled stash – all your own work!!


Tote bag

Once learned, you will never be short of a shopping bag ever again!  You can make from scraps or special fabric.  Bring along your own or use shop stash.

Suitable for beginners.

All materials and equipment provided.

Sew your own bunting

Ever popular make your own bunting!  If you want to learn how to sew, this is a great project to get you going.  Suitable for beginners, come along and raid the shop stash to make your bunting for the home or garden.

As usual, all materials and equipment are supplied, plus we get a rest in the middle for coffee and biscuits.

Bring along a friend and have a fun morning learning together!